Frequently Asked Questions:
Do you have a cancellation policy?
Yes, We need a 30-day notice for bar services due to the limited availability that we have. Cancellations after the 30-day notice are subject to a forfeit of your deposit.

For coordination services, once coordination service begins you will no longer be able to receive your deposit back.

You are allowed credit back for future use if cancellations break our policy.

How much is required for the deposit?
50% deposit is required to confirm your reservation with us. We accept deposits through check or we can send you an invoice through Square which charges a 3% credit card fee.

What are the payment methods that you accept?

We accept Cash, Check, Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.

How long will it take to set up and break down the bar?
Please allow us up to an hour before and after event time to set up and break down our bar area. Subject to change depending on event.

Do you need a license for the bar?
No, you do not need a license. License is only required when selling alcohol at the event. We do not sell alcohol at any events we only serve. Please check with your event space for rules and regulations on having a bar set up before booking with us.

Would you be able to buy the alcohol for us and have it delivered to the party?
Yes, we offer delivery service. Please contact us for a quote.

We would like the bar decorated to match the theme of the party, is this possible?
Yes, but please keep in mind that most of the bar space needs to be used to properly serve you. If a decorative item prohibits us from serving properly we would have to have it removed. If it also damages our bar we would charge you to have the damage fixed. Thank you for your understanding. Our concierge service would also be able to give you a quote to have us buy the supplies and decorate the bar for you. Please contact us for a quote.

We would like our bartenders to dress up to match the theme is this possible?
Yes, however the uniform must be provided by you and must be in good standards. No revealing or inappropriate wear. This is subject to the manager’s discretion. A picture of the outfit must be approved before having our staff wear the uniform. Our concierge service can help with options on attire for the bartenders. Please contact us for further assistance.

How does gratuity work?
Gratuity is not included for bartenders and coordination service with the quote that you receive, therefore we will be graciously accepting tips at your event unless otherwise noted. If you prefer no tip jar at your event, we will add on 20% gratuity to your total. Thank you for your understanding.

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