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You and your crew did an amazing job at our wedding!!!
            Your crew was so pleasant and made the reception run very smoothly. I appreciate the staff member who gave my husband and I advice on how to cut the wedding cake.
        Out of all of our vendors, your company provided a vast array of wonderful services for us. We appreciate you picking up our wedding cake for us (and delivering it in great condition), the beverage service was amazing, the table clean-up service was amazing, walking around the room to see if guest needed more food or drink was so thoughtful and considerate, etc.
      Keani, your company went above and beyond at our reception. We are so grateful to have hired you. We will recommend you to others and we would love to book your company again for other events.
                                  Thank you so much and may your business continue to flourish.
                                                        ~Tina~ (Email 2/17/19)

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